May 2017 – First Month Questions

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Icebreaker – What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Introduction: Tell how you became a Christian in 3 minutes

Referring to the Navigators Wheel:

Do you think you have grown spiritually in the last year, if so how?

Is there one particular area you want to grow in? How can you take steps to grow in that area? (Deuteronomy 6v4-5)



Extra questions if needed:

“God’s ‘love language’ to us is grace. Our ‘love language’ to Him is obedience” What are your reflections on that statement?

 How are you ‘keeping yourself in the love of God’? (Jude 21, John 15v12-14)

 Pray for each other. What is one thing for each of you that you can all pray for now and until you meet again?

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