What’s a welcome lunch?

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LCC, You’re welcome!

We get it.  Believe it or not, we’ve all been there.  You’re new here.  It’s your first week (or third month!) at LCC, you’ve had your little paper gift bag and chocolates, you’ve enjoyed a fresh pastry, you beat the refreshment queues by hanging out in the welcome area, and the people next to you even moved over to give you space and smiled as you sat down.  You love the worship, the teaching is great, the kids are enjoying their group, and the idea of being part of what goes on at ‘The Depot’ is exciting.  “I like it here.  This could be home; I could put down roots here and really get stuck in.  But I wonder what they believe about……and where they stand on……oh, and what is ‘The Depot’….”

Whether it’s your first week or you’ve been here for a year, if this sounds like you then we’d love to invite you to our next welcome lunch.  Here are three reasons why you should fill in that RSVP:

  1. You’re hungry, and we’re called to eat together.

A free lunch is a bit of a no brainer.  Food and eating together is something we love here from a bring-and-share lunch to a chocolate fountain at a party, meals together are a good thing, connections are made and friendships are formed.  Jesus ate with people, he made sure the crowds were fed and he broke bread with his friends.  Did I mention it’s free…and homemade?  Come on your own, bring your friends or invite your whole family along!

  1. You want to see where you belong.

There’s that thing that you want to know, that question you want to ask, and it just doesn’t fit in to the mingling at the end of the service.  What does LCC believe about ____? Where can I try serving on a Sunday? How do I get connected to a Life Group? How do I get Sam to play my favourite song on Sunday? Questions are good, you can ask anything you want (yes, anything!) and we look forward to properly meeting you and chatting it all through over a plate of hot food.  Chill out, chat, dig a little deeper and you’ll hopefully leave with a clearer idea of what your next step is.

  1. We’re family and we’d love you to be and feel a part of it.

Honestly, we’re a real family of families, warts and all; everyone counts, as they are.  Everyone is encouraged, taught and equipped in their Christian faith, seeking to serve our local community and beyond.  We’re on a mission and we’d love for you to be a part of that with us.

We’ll talk about all of this and more (and probably a bit of football if you’re sitting near Ben) at the welcome lunch.  We know it can feel like a big church, like you’ll never find your place, but there’s a place here just for you.  Come along to the next Welcome Lunch and find out for yourself.

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