Relational Mission


What is Relational Mission?

Relational Mission is a growing family of churches from different countries, led by Mike Betts and his team.

We are part of Newfrontiers, a group of apostolic leaders, together with their teams and churches, united on global mission and by core values and genuine relationships. Newfrontiers represents a worldwide network of more than 850 churches in 60 nations.

You’ll find Relational Mission churches predominantly in the UK, mainland Europe and Canada.

Mission and culture

Relational Mission is all about family – but not simply in the cosy sense of enjoying great relationships. It’s also about reproducing itself, about passing on its DNA, seeing spiritual fathers and mothers raise spiritual sons and daughters. More formally, we think of this as multiplying apostolic spheres in the nations by raising up spiritual sons. Parenting is at the heart of family, and spiritual parenting is at the heart of Relational Mission.

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