Revive – Midweek together this term

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We want to invite to you to join us as we gather together midweek for this Life Group term for an evening we are calling Revive.

We want to take a journey together to ask God to revive our hearts and passion for Him through personal encouragement, teaching, stories and ministry together. Also, we want to stir our hearts to pray for God to revive our land.

We are meeting each week on a Tuesday or Thursday evening to give as many people the opportunity to participate. Like Life Groups, this evening is open to everyone.

Our first week is the 23rd/25th January and we will meet together weekly until the 27th/29th March. Life Group will resume again next term.

Each week, we will have a different topic:

  • Revive our Hearts (Encouraging our Souls)
  • Revive our Spirits (A Spirit-Filled Life)
  • Revive our worship
  • Revive our faith (Faith-filled hearts)
  • Revive our serve (Growing our servant heart)
  • Revive our dreams (Having a dream, Holy discontent)
  • Revive our witness (Doing good around us)
  • Revive our influence
  • Revive our town

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